Mount Summer School, Darbhanga is known for its academic excellence, sports facilities and co-curricular activities. It is one of the best school in Darbhanga. Our Mount Summer School in Saidnagar, is powered by a spacious Library, wonder rooms, music & dance rooms, English lab, Math lab and Science labs. The use of technology for teaching and learning makes the learning process most enriching and effective in Edify School, one of the best Private Schools in Darbhanga.

Our Mission is to ensure that after completing school, our children must have moral integrity. They must respect their elders and love their nation. They must have an everlasting curiosity about the new and the unknown. They must take pride in their work. They should have team spirit and be enterprising. They must have a sense of aesthetics and beauty. They must believe in their abilities and must be innovative. They should be true achievers. They must be true Indians and good human beings endowed with the Strength, Vision and Wisdom they learn in our School.

"The aim of Education is the knowledge not of facts but of Values". Mount Summer School is an independent school. Our aim is to enable children to develop their individual potential through exposure to a holistic range of academic, sporting, creative and cultural activities.

Our primary goal is for childrens to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to produce well-adjusted, self-confident young students prepared for the academic, social and challenges of the life.